These beautiful handmade masks are double-layered and can be worn on both sides. They are very light and airy comfortable to wear easily adjustable they are made from a silk scarf. No one should leave home without one of these.

The size is intended for adults.

These are face-covering mask/scarf/bandana made that way so they can fit most people with adjustable soft earl-oops and a ribbons to tie at the back if needed. 

Use a bag to protect the mask whilst not wearing and also pop it in a bag to use in your washing machine.  Put on a delicate wash to clean your mask...perfect! 


This collection is all from Girl In The Mirror. If you fancy a different colour you cant see please let me know.


Silk Bandana Face Mask

Colour : Beige
  • These are machine washable. Wash on a delicate cycle and should be placed in a washable bag or pillowcase to protect.